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What hobbies / interests occupy your time outside of Kendo?

Playing the guitar.

Are there any books about philosophy, or martial arts, that you've read, tha thave affected your kendo in any way?

One of Kendo articles impressed me ever is the advise for promotional exam written by Miyamoto Sensei, 7 Dan in Japan. This a few page of advise encouraged me and deepen my thought toward Kendo.

What do you think of the role of motodachi?

Not just only make the Kakarite practice effectively, it's also great opportunity for Motodachi to learn about Ma-ai, Ai-ki, striking timing and so forth.

Have you ever had any moments in life, outside of the dojo, when you had an epiphany and thought, "Ah-ha!  This is a Kendo lesson!"?

Whenever I encounter some difficulty and have to overcome it, I always feel my patience was cultivated through Kendo experiences, and thanks to that, i have more survival skills.

What has been a significant challenge for you in Kendo?

Men as Sen-no-waza. Learn about Seme that collapses opponent's Kamae, then go into opponent's territory. This process is to capture the Chushin and my absolute aim for my practice.

When did you last participate in an examination for Kendo promotion?  What was the experience like?

2012.  I experienced the state of Mu-shin mind.



Kubo-sensei was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1957.

Kubo-sensei happend up on a shinai at a sporting good shop, which is what caused his interest in Kendo.  He started his journey into Kendo at CMKD in 1997, under Yamaguchi-sensei.  His diligent practice has steadily attained the rank of 5 Dan and currently practices at CMKD.

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