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Were there any sensei or kenshi to whom you looked up to?

Of course Yamaguchi sensei and pretty much everyone.  Friends, other senseis, dojo-mates, kids, parents, etc.  Everyone has something in them that inspires you to do better, not only in kendo but in life in general.

Are there any books about philosophy, or martial arts, that you've read, that have affect your kendo in any way?

A Japanese comic book called Musashi no Ken.  Weird but its very motivating and detailed for comics.

During your days of competing, did you have a rivalry with anyone else?

There a few but the main ones are Chris Yang from Torrance and Kohjiro Kinno from OCB.  Hated losing to both of them.

Did you spend any time training overseas?  With whom?

I think 1995 at a small Japanese Army base and 2000 at Osaka Police. Both for a short period of time

Have you received any major awards/placements (SCKF, USA, Worlds)?

1996 2nd place in Senior Youth Individuals for Team SCKF.  And also 2014 as a coach for 1st place for Youth Girls Team.  This one felt just as important as the one I got as a player because this team was the first team that I was 100% responsible for.




Hosokawa Yuji-sensei was born in Huntington Beach, CA.

Hosokawa Yuji-sensei started ​Kendo at the age of 7, after both his father, Hosokawa Hiroyoshi-sensei, and his brother, Hosokawa Spencer-sensei had been with CMKD for some years. As with both his father and brother, Hosokawa Yuji-sensei's primary teacher was Yamaguchi-sensei.

Hosokawa Yuji-sensei earned his 4 Dan in 1999, and is currently the Head Instructor of Costa Mesa Kendo Dojo (CMKD) and has held this position since 2005.  He currently holds the rank of 6 Dan.

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