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Were there any sensei or kenshi to whom you looked up to?

Yamaguchi Takeshi-sensei

What hobbies / interests occupy your time outside of Kendo?


What about Kendo do you love most?

At the end of each practice, when the students show their appreciation by saying 'arigatou gozaimasu' at then end of the practice.

Why do you think your body, mind, and spirit, are more conducive to practicing Kendo, as opposed to, say, Karate, or Aikido, or any other martial art?

When I was younger, I used to do Judo, and I felt there really isn't much difference between body, mind, and spirit between Kendo and Judo.

During your days of competing, did you have a rivalry with anyone else?

When first competing, [it was] Oda, [and] Kazumasa from Covina Dojo.

Have you received any major awards/placements (SCKF, USA, Worlds)?

  • 1996 :: 3rd Place, Seniors Individuals

  • 1999 :: 3rd Place, Seniors Individuals

  • 2002 :: Kantosho, Seniors Individuals

Were you on any teams that represented your region, or the USA?  Which years?

Team SCKF in 1993, 1996, and 1999.  All Seniors Team in 2002.



Hosokawa Hiroyoshi-sensei was born in Osaka, Japan.​

Hosokawa Hiroyoshi-sensei started ​Kendo later in life at the age of 34, one year after Yamaguchi-sensei founded CMKD in 1975.

It was his son, Hosokawa Spencer-sensei that started Kendo first.  But soon after watching his son practice Kendo, Hosokawa Hiroyoshi-sensei started his own journey with Kendo.

Hosokawa Hiroyoshi-sensei attained the rank of 4 Dan in 1984, and during the years of 2000-2005, he held the position of Head Instructor of CMKD, before relinquishing his position to his younger son, Hosokawa Yuji-sensei, in 2005.

Hoskawa Hiroyoshi-sensei currently holds the rank of 7 Dan and is a Senior Advisor to Costa Mesa Kendo Dojo.

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