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What hobbies / interests occupy your time outside of Kendo?

Fishing, golfing, and hanging out with my girls until they push me away.

What technique or skill in Kendo do you feel that you're significantly lacking?

Dou-uchi.  I don't know what it is, but I cannot execute any type of dou-uchi.  So when you're fighting me, don't worry about me striking your dou!

Do you have a favorite waza?  Besides feeling that you're adept at that waza, why do you enjoy it so much? 


I enjoy men-uchi, especially in the Sen-sen-no-sen scenario. 

Feels powerful yet so simple.

Who were some of the biggest influences in the development of your kendo?  Can you elaborate on their influences?

Yamaguchi Takeshi-sensei and Hori Atsushi-sensei. 

For those who have been in the kendo community for a while may find it a bit of an anomaly, but both always took time to work with me. 

Although Yamaguchi Sensei is no longer with us, whenever I am able to attend a practice with Hori-sensei, he still puts forth an effort to guide me.  

Did you spend any time training overseas?  With whom?

I spent 3-4 weeks at Osaka Fukei around 1987-ish.  One sensei, who shall go nameless, was tsuki-ing me for what seemed like an eternity.  It was my first day…  I thought I was going to die.

When did you last participate in an examination for Kendo promotion?  What was the experience like?

2008 for 7 Dan.  I didn't think I would pass because I threw my back out 4 weeks earlier, bending over to pick up my 8 month old daughter.  I had to lay there for 10 hrs. before I could get up.

Who was your primary sensei when you started Kendo?





Hosokawa Spencer-sensei was born in Santa Monica, CA.

Spencer's grandfather practiced Kendo when he was a child, so when Spencer became old enough at ~7 years old, his parents signed him up for Kendo, and he has been an active member of CMKD ever since (1976).

Hosokawa Spencer-sensei became a sensei in 1984 when he attained his 4 Dan.  He currently practices at CMKD and holds the rank of 7 Dan.

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